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We are guided by the never-ending smiles of our beloved daughters, Abigail and Lily.  Team Super Smile is a team of special people, who recognize and honor the superhero in every child!  Collectively we realize not only the struggles that can befall innocent infants, but also the lengths to which our children will go to show compassion for those struggles.  While each and every child’s fight is unique to their life’s story, their accomplishments are all noble and heroic. It is for this reason, and in recognition of the struggles and compassion, that Team Super Smile bands together in hopes of making a difference.

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Run Baby Run

Aug 11 8AM

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Fundraising Rally

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Annual Golf Outing

Sept 17th 

1912 Club

Plymouth Meeting

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March for Babies

Temple Ambler Campus

Why we fundraise...

We began supporting the March of Dimes & Abigail Hays as Team Abigail in 2007. In 2013, we changed our team name to create a team that honored Lily Moylan as well. The team name was changed to represent the character & smiles of two very special girls.


Lily Moylan, the daughter of Steve & Jen, baby sister to Haley, & now big sister to Alexis & Isabelle, was born on 3/11/12. Lily led a healthy life, meeting all milestones. She began socially smiling at about 7 weeks, and she regularly flashed her smile at anyone who met her glance. Lily spent a great deal of time with her family at the shore. It was during one of those shore trips in late August that Lily was struck with a high fever. After her fever stopped responding to medication, she was rushed to the hospital. Lily was diagnosed with a UTI & was given antibiotics. Her affect returned quickly, her fever reduced, & she returned to her smiling, babbling self. Approximately 12 hours later on 8/26/12, after returning home to PA, Lily was found unresponsive in her bouncy chair. After a full autopsy & additional research studies, Lily’s cause of death is still largely unexplained.


Abigail Hays, daughter to Ami & Jeff & big sister to Carlie & Siobhan was born on 7/14/06. Abigail was born with a rare birth defect, TEF (Tracheoesophageal Fistula). This was a result of VACTERL Syndrome, each letter stands for a defect (vertebrae, anus, cardiac, trachea, esophagus, renal, limbs). Abigail had defects with vertebrae, heart, trachea, esophagus, & intestines. She had Type C TEF, where the top & bottom of her esophagus did not connect, secretions & food would get into her lungs. The lower end connected itself to her trachea. Abigail was fortunate to be an immediate candidate for life-saving surgery at just under a day old. It has left her with complications from esophageal nerve damage & missing cartilage in her airway, causing her to have a weak trachea. She has had a total of 9 surgeries, 4 of which were life-saving in her 1st year.


In May of 2017 Abigail had a neck & spinal fusion to correct her defected vertebrae that had begun to cause complications. She continues to be a hardworking 12 year old who still has eating restrictions & constant monitoring for choking. Abigail has a rare genetic disorder, deletion of chromosome 16p11.2 that surfaced when she was 5 years old (unrelated to VACTERL Syndrome). It was in 1st grade that red flags began to show regarding this disorder and an intellectual disability. At this time she was also diagnosed with ASD & Language and written expression disorder. It is always a challenge for Abigail to do what is easy for most of us. Abigail continues to work hard daily in therapies and continued services.


Because of the these two special little girls Team Super Smile represents the health of all babies- babies born too early, babies born with birth defects & for those families who have suffered with infant mortality. Team Super Smile works to support raising funds for the MOD mission. We also raise funds and hope to bring awareness to Autism, and local non-profit organizations in our community that are working towards the health of all children.

Who We Help...

Spreading Smiles

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Healthy Moms. Strong Babies.


Support & Awareness

April 2nd


In the News...


For more information, to inquire about sponsoring an event, or just to chat about running and/or Team Super Smile, the March of Dimes and our missions please fill out the required information to the right.  We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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