June 13, 2018


Dear Dave Alderfer, Gail Lutz, and the Grand View Health team,

It is with great honor that we donate over 60 grieving heart necklaces today to Grand View on behalf of Team Super Smile and the Spreading Smiles campaign.  Team Super Smile is one of the largest family fundraising teams for the March of Dimes in the state of Pennsylvania. We are driven by the endless smiles of two special little girls. Abigail Hays was born in 2007 with undetected birth defects that required immediate life-saving surgery. She has battled every day of her life through physical and developmental struggles, including being identified on the autism spectrum, always with a smile on her face. Lily Moylan was born happy and healthy in March 2012. She flashed her infectious smile at anyone she saw. Lily died suddenly from unknown causes in August 2012 at just 5 months of age. During our 11 years of activity we have raised over $150,000 to support the March of Dimes mission which strives for a healthy start for all babies.

Above and beyond Team Super Smile’s support of the March of Dimes over the years, we also provided support to many local family charities through our Spreading Smiles campaign.  The Spreading Smiles campaign is Team Super Smile’s way of sharing the joy of Abbie’s and Lily’s smiles with our community by supporting local family and child focused organizations.

This year, we are happy to have chosen Grand View as one of our spreading smiles donation recipients.  On the evening that Lily passed away, we were gifted one of these necklaces in the emergency room.  In our haze of shock, we were told that we could keep the inner heart with Lily and the outer heart with us to signify our continued connection. We did just that.  In that moment, we had no idea how much this symbolic bond would mean to us as we traversed our way through a very difficult grieving process.

It is our hope that Grand View will use these necklaces in the same way.  Please place them in your emergency room, in labor and delivery, and anywhere else you feel appropriate.  We would love for these necklaces to be shared with other families who also suffer the loss of a child.  It is our hope that these necklaces bring some small sense of comfort to families during a very difficult time.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity! 




Jen and Steve Moylan on behalf of all of Team Super Smile

Autism Awareness ~                       ~ Spreading Smiles

“Because we believe in the superhero within every child!”

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